Central Iowa Business Conference Breakout Speaker Application

The Urbandale Chamber is preparing for its 4th Annual Central Iowa Business Conference. The event will be held on Tuesday, May 24, 2022 at The Meadows Event Center in Altoona, IA. This Conference is the premier event for CEOs and executive teams, business owners, investors, community leaders, and entrepreneurs to attend and experience a full day of inspiration and education. The day allows time for strategic partnership and relationship building. This day also provides a target rich environment in which to amplify and enhance your current network. With the support of our partners, we are anticipating more than 450 attendees!

The Conference will be featuring the following keynote speakers:

 Justin Patton, Executive Leadership Coach
 Jack Stack, Founder, President and CEO of SRC Holdings Corporation and author of the Great Game of Business
 Henry Winkler, American Actor, comedian, director, producer, and author

Along with inspiring keynote speakers, the Central Iowa Business Conference will feature engaging and educational breakout sessions on a variety of relevant topics that are impacting business owners, managers and influencers.

We are looking to add breakout sessions on the following topics areas. Please review potential session topics under each category for ideas. We are open to all ideas.

o Marketing
o Social Media
o Branding
o Strategic Planning/Operations
o EOS Implementation
o Business Resilience
o Quality Improvement
o  Leadership
o Women in Leadership
o Dealing with Change
o Succession Planning
o Workforce
o Recruiting and Retention
o Diversity and Inclusion Panel
o Culture and Team Development
o Technology
o Artificial Intelligence
o Cybersecurity
o Industry 4.0

We request that your proposal address related topics within areas that are timely and pertinent to businesses. While we value you and your content, we ask that no selling be incorporated in your presentation from the podium. We encourage you to provide handouts and other informational pieces to our attendees so that they may contact you at a later date for further collaboration.

The sessions will be 45 minutes long. This will include the intro and any Q&A.

Committee members will meet to discuss submissions. There may be an occasion that either a staff member or committee member will reach out to you for further clarification regarding your proposed topic.

Please feel free to submit proposals for each topic for which you would like to be considered.