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The Urbandale Chamber of Commerce is a catalyst organization working to serve, protect, promote, and provide opportunities to businesses in Central Iowa. The Urbandale Chamber is unique in every regard. As the only five-star accredited Chamber in Central Iowa, we value excellence, service, family connectedness, and character. Let us show you how we serve our community and members, uniquely Urbandale style.


For Urbandale Community Members…

Let us be your guide to the Urbandale community. For the overview on all things Urbandale, Des Moines, and surrounding areas, come to the Urbandale Chamber. Here, you will find everything from job listings to Urbandale events and more. One of the most helpful items you may find is our business directory, which easily and conveniently puts you in touch with hundreds of businesses in the Urbandale area. For any additional questions, feel free to call us and we will be sure to help. Serving is our passion.

For Urbandale Chamber Members… 


You have discovered a Chamber in the top one percent of Chambers in the country and one of the most prominent business networks in the metro. Whether it’s advocacy, a ribbon cutting, business networking event, educational presentation, or something much greater, any metro-area business will benefit from a membership at the Urbandale Chamber of Commerce. As central Iowa’s only five-star Chamber, we are within the top one percent of chambers nationwide! We promise to provide you with opportunities to help grow your business to its fullest potential. Your success is our success, and we love to see our community thrive.  Already a Member, Log Into Your Account 

Why Do We Do What We Do?

We believe businesses of all size have a voice.


We believe businesses thrive when connected to the right people, and we know the right people.


We live our vision, mission, and values every day.


Serving and elevating members and the community drives us. It is our passion.


What Businesses Are Saying About The Urbandale Chamber

“Shade Tree Auto joined the Urbandale chamber as a small, unknown auto shop shortly after we opened our doors 12 years ago. Despite the size of the organization, we always felt welcomed at any of the events we were able to attend. Over the years, I found out that being a chamber member to attract customers was only a fraction of the value of our membership. We were introduced to businesses and educational opportunities that helped us grow our company, and peers that motivated us to become the shop that we are today.”

Clint Dudley

Owner, Shade Tree Auto

(515) 986-5241

“A business owner once asked me what I liked about the Urbandale Chamber, and without hesitation I told him it was the endless relationships I have acquired over the past five years. I can even call a few of those relationships really good friends now. There’s no way I can quantify how much value I have received from my membership, and I couldn’t imagine ever not being a member. With that, I will always be a member of the Urbandale Chamber.​”

Jay Mathes

Community Relations Coordinator

Edencrest at Green Meadows

The Urbandale Chamber of Commerce has been very valuable in helping us to gain information about types of available financial assistance, new rules and regulations, the most updated coronavirus information, and ways in which we can continue to improve. They have also helped us to make connections with other like-minded business owners in our area.  It is nice to know there is somebody we can contact when we have questions or are seeking information or a sounding board for ideas.

Ami Yaro

Iowa Ballet Academy

(515) 334-5510

“Van Meter has been able to grow to become Iowa’s largest electrical distributor, and the 28th largest in the US, doing business in all 50 states. That being said, one of our core values is our place in the community. The Urbandale Chamber of Commerce helps our local employee owners make a difference in the places we work and live.”

Rob Olney

Regional Vice President, Western Business Unit Van Meter Inc.

(515) 262-9609

Pro Tip of the Month

Check out the advice our expert members have to offer.

If you don’t have Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) turned on for your business email, do it now! 

Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks are one of the most damaging cyber-crimes and have been on the rise in recent years. According to the FBI’s Internet Crime Report for 20201, BEC attacks resulted in over $1.8 billion in losses …and that is just what was reported to the FBI. Although it is impossible to stop every type of attack, there is one simple step that can be taken to mitigate your risk. Multi Factor Authentication or MFA. 

What is MFA? Simply put, MFA allows you to …Read On

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Tonight is the big night! The Iowa Demon hawks play their first game at the Buccaneers arena tonight! This afternoon we celebrated with a ribbon cutting and got to learn more about the organization. Thank you to Darwin and his team for bringing big energy and a new sport to support to City of ...Urbandale, Iowa!

As always, collaborating with Fuse DSM, Your Chamber of Commerce to celebrate our members is always a joy!

Join us for B.A.S.H on Thursday, December 14th at Hire DSM with co-host Sarah Hambrick Representing American National Insurance Company! Come out and connect with fellow members! Music, refreshments and good times provided!

Register for the event by visiting our events calendar on our ...website.

B.A.S.H is presented by Real Connections Counseling. Hear from our sponsors in the video below!

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Welcome to the New B.A.S.H Gathering on Dec 14, 23!

Welcome to the New B.A.S.H Gathering! The meet up is happening on December 14, 2023 and we are excited to see you all there. Remember this event is...


A conference is only as good as the speakers. Between keynote and breakout sessions, our speakers make it all worth while. Our annual conference is May 23, 2024 and spots are still available to be a breakout speaker - so what are you waiting for!

If you are interested in being a Breakout ...Session Speaker - fill out an application today!


We enjoyed ‘popping in’ to some of our members’ business to learn more about what they do! Our Connectors love meeting members and being welcomed in by so many, thank you!

Forge Financial and Management Consulting, Accurate Commercial, Waukee Chiropractic Center, The Des Moines Group... at Morgan Stanley, Farmers State Bank - West Des Moines, Innovation Refunds, Blue Shark Ale House

UPDATE: OWNER FOUND! Thanks for the help!!!

Pretty boy found wandering around near our office on 100th St! Please let us know if you have any info on his family. He has a collar but no tags. Taking him to check if he is chipped. 515-331-6855 please call with any info.


From Start-Up's to Success! Our annual conference lets you join with hundreds of business professionals to network beyond your wildest dream! You never know who you will meet!

Alexson Calahan has nearly 20 years of experience in communications research, planning, implementation, and evaluation. Alexson has joined as an individual member. Thank you for joining the Urbandale Chamber of Commerce!

Archstone Construction LLC is commercial construction company focusing on multi-family, churches, new agricultural buildings, and retail renovations. Archstone Construction loves creating spaces where people build their lives.

Thanks for joining the Urbandale Chamber!

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