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However, the business disposition decision struggle can mean just that!

It can make you question everything you’re doing today. Who is the right person to follow me? Will they be ready? Have I built a culture for succession? Educated my leaders?  Will this team work together?  should I sell it?  What is my business worth?  Is there a better way for me to grow? What about the rest of the family? When should I start?  Where should I start? This can cause real family turmoil!

Are these your questions?  Are you interested in seeing what your business is worth today? Knowing who’s going to run it tomorrow? Choose our “Keep-the-Family-Together” three-step succession approach. It is family-centered planning, where people come first, and documents come second. This unique people-family-centered process means reaching the desired business value, creating an exit…without the encore, and fulfilling legacy goals while maintaining harmony at family holiday dinners!

By using the combined experience resources of McCraine and Main you will be assured you can make this decision struggle, communicate your vision and intentions to those most impacted, strategically prepare successors to meet future predictable or inevitable challenges, be ready for tough family discussions, and establish your family’s security if you cannot be there to finish the plan.

Our family-centered approach provides these answers, builds your plan’s tactics, equips you to resolve necessary questions to complete and implement legal documents, agreements, and estate plans.  It is customized, designed to increase performance, and to reduce risk!

A successful business is never worth a family failure. This is why we focus on the business of the family first, then the paperwork!

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