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Without you – entrepreneurs – people who have the initiative to take the benefits of an opportunity or the willingness to take a financial risk in hope of profits, our (and maybe the world’s) economy loses its future leaders, innovators, creators, makers, and producers. We cannot afford this loss! This is why we started Mainstreet Consulting.

In respect of how important your family business is to everyone’s economic future; we offer peace of mind!  Here, peace of mind is defined as preparing an owner to achieve a successful succession, without an encore.  The goal of a successful succession is one in which a business is prepared not to go just to, but through, the next generation while maintaining family harmony during holiday dinners.  Yes, one of our most important objectives is remembering to care for the business of the family, while assisting the family business. The success of a family business is never worth the failure of a family!

We use an objective interrelated model and three-step implementation process which includes an owner and business readiness assessment, an evaluation of the business’s going concerned financial value, and the design and implementation of a strategy that includes a “margin for errors”.  This approach creates a benchmark, then a guide for ongoing business success in the face of probable, if not inevitable, challenges encountered during the ownership and leadership transition process.  Last, we offer ongoing reviews since taxes change, people change, capital requirements change, and the environment changes just to help the business “re-balance” if is necessary.  You will find this approach goes way beyond documents, agreements, transfers, and ownership assignments.

Mainstreet Consulting is a solo practice, but affiliates on a per-project basis with professionals in law, accounting, operations, capital access, human resources, leadership development, financial security, asset management, inter-family communication, business plans, real estate, and the design and administration of health care and retirement plans.  When clients have a team…and we merely supplement where, and if, needed.

We responsibly assist owners in properly transfer, sustain performance, and safeguard their business legacy for family members, employees, customers, vendors, and the community.  It’s supported by our “golden threads”, best characterized as performance and legacy: meaning the tactics of succession, identify long-term access to capital, and secure family protection.

Succession planning protects, builds, and sustains value for “stakeholders” of the business.  Family members will demonstrate pride, employees become the company’s best marketing tool, government’s access to assets will be limited or avoided retaining established values to maximize owner legacy.  It all goes a long way in preserving family cooperation, harmony, and your dream!

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Ray Main, President
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