What’s the environmental impact when you upload photos to Facebook, watch a movie online or bank online? It can be surprisingly high, and it matters to the Data Power Technology Group (DPTG) in Urbandale.

“Data Centers consume 2.5 to 3 percent of total energy usage in the world today,” said Loren Beem, president of critical facilities, Iowa and Illinois, for DPTG. “All eyes are on energy efficiency as data storage needs continue to grow exponentially.”

The modern digital revolution is accelerating as organizations from hospitals to insurance companies generate massive amounts of digital data daily. Data centers that house all this information emit heat and consume huge amounts of energy. DPTG designs energy-efficient systems for cooling, power protection and more for data centers of all sizes.

Modern thermal-management technology and cloud-based monitoring software can generate significant energy savings. “We helped one client cut electrical usage by approximately 25 percent to cool a large data center,” Beem said. “We can now look into the data collected by the monitoring software to spot additional efficiency opportunities.”

Growing in Urbandale

DPTG has provided data center infrastructure solutions since the company was created in 1981. The company serves commercial and industrial clients in Iowa, Illinois and Nebraska in healthcare, finance, insurance, agriculture, government, education and more.

In 1998, DPTG leveraged its expertise into cooling systems for commercial buildings and industrial systems, including ethanol plants. The growth of the DPTG Mechanical division helped spur DPTG’s move from West Des Moines to Urbandale in 2000. Today, 25 of the company’s 60 employees are based in Urbandale.

“Urbandale is great place to do business,” said Beem, who noted the city’s convenient, central location also offers easy access to DPTG’s offices in Marshalltown, North Liberty, Bettendorf, Omaha and Peoria, Illinois. “Everything is close to the interstate system that loops through the greater Des Moines area, so our clients can easily access our location for parts and services.”

Urbandale’s city leaders also support business growth. “They appreciate our business and care about our success,” Beem said.

This is important as demand grows for DPTG’s services, thanks to expanding high-speed 5G networks and the “Internet of things” transformation, where online connectivity enables everyday items from refrigerators to wireless doorbells.

“Our entire world is changing when it comes to technology,” Beem said. “There’s never been a better time to be involved in the critical space/IT infrastructure. We’re excited to grow in Urbandale.”