Two new interns have recently been hired at the Urbandale Chamber of Commerce. One of the interns, Vanessa Chavez, is an East High School student. After hearing about the Urbandale Chamber through a DMACC program, she was placed here.

For Chavez, this is her first job. Even though she has only been working here for a few days, she has enjoyed the friendly environment.  “People took me in with open arms,” said Chavez. “Everyone was nice, and I like how everyone has a real and genuine connection, not just an in-job connection.”

Colby Weber is the second intern that was recently hired.  He is a public relations student from the University of Northern Iowa.

Weber decided to intern with the Chamber of Commerce because he saw it as a great opportunity to network and meet new people.  “Since it’s the Chamber of Commerce, they obviously have connections to a bunch of different businesses, people, and agencies,” said Weber.  “The connections that working at this chamber would offer me will be helpful for figuring out my future career plans.”