Businesses join the Urbandale Chamber for a variety of reasons from networking to marketing or education to advocacy.  Some join because they believe in our mission to Serve, Protect and Promote our members and others join because they want their employees to get involved in a local organization.  Whatever the reason, there are some general tips to maximizing your membership with the organization.

  • Log into your member account on to make sure your membership information is accurate, up-to-date and complete.  Why is this important?  For the company, you will want to make sure your keywords are complete, company description, hours of operation, business categories, and contacts are correct so we can best market you on  We track how many times businesses show up in search results and how many times someone opens your business listing.  The more complete the information, the more exposure your company will receive.  Who doesn’t want more exposure?!
  • Add more than one employee on the company roaster.  If your company has an employee in HR for example, add them so they can post job openings and participate in K.E.Y. in Des Moines (Keeping Educated Youth in Des Moines) because it fits their employee mission and goals.  Membership goes beyond the sales professional to everyone on the company.  Employees can plug in where it fits best by only subscribing to the communication groups they want to receive information on.
  • While logged in, be sure your individual photo and bio are added and you are subscribed to the communication groups you want to receive information on.
  • Attend a Meet the Chamber event held monthly at the Chamber office.  This will help you learn about all of the ways you can plug in that fit your personal goals.  For example, if an employee is in sales, they should look to plug into a Contacts & Contracts group and should attend the networking events that best fit their calendar.  We hold 3 networking events monthly to help them expand their network.  The business owner or president should be subscribed to the Business Owner Programming communication group, the person in charge of HR should be plugged into the educational opportunities and KEY in Des Moines.  Those interested in politics should be subscribed to the advocacy communication group.  This will help customize the communication each person receives.
  • Get involved.  This is easier said than done with everyone experiencing “time poverty” but business really does revolve around relationships and getting involved as a Connector, on a planning committee or our Total Resource Campaign can help employees build their network.
  • Expand your network.  Your membership in the Urbandale Chamber provides you with membership to the Greater Des Moines Partnership.  As a region, they have other ways to get involved and expand your network beyond the Urbandale Chamber.
  • Plug in Young Professionals to genYP.  genYP helps to connect and develop young professional staff members.  This is a fantastic opportunity for the young professionals on staff to gain experience, education and plug into a community of other young professionals.
  • Meet with Chamber staff.  We are constantly connecting members and helping businesses reach their goals.  The more we know, the more we can help.

Regardless of why your business joined the Urbandale Chamber of Commerce, we have a diverse range of benefits and opportunities to help.  Please reach out to anyone on staff to help you reach those goals. We are proud to have the opportunity to serve our member businesses.