The Urbandale Total Resource Campaign officially kicked off Tuesday, January 22, 2019, opening all sponsorships for purchase.  The campaign, led by Karen Goldsworth, Strauss Security Solutions and Leisa Fox, is designed to provide members the opportunity to review all sponsorship opportunities available throughout the entire year and make smart marketing decisions that best align with their marketing plans versus reactive ones.

“We are in our 13th year of the campaign and it has made a significant difference to our members,” said Tiffany Menke, President Urbandale Chamber of Commerce.  “We work with 60 fully-trained volunteers who work with members to suggest the best solutions that fit the business’ goals,” said Menke.

Members interested in seeing a full list of sponsorships available can visit  Members can also request a volunteer to help them navigate the different offerings by contacting the Chamber at 515-331-6855.