The Urbandale Chamber of Commerce understands how improving employee efficiency impacts the company bottom line.  On January 8th, the organization has partnered with one of the top 10 training companies in the United States to offer two, 90-minute training sessions to help attendees improve their personal productivity in 2019.

Dee Oviatt of ATW Training Solutions will show attendees how to improve their productivity and New Horizons Training Center will demonstrate how Microsoft Outlook can help attendees be more productive.

Part One:
Improving Your Personal Productivity, facilitated by Dee Oviatt of ATW Training

As attendees start the new year, is the email box full,  desk covered with paper piles, and  brain packed with your “To Do” list?  If so, this productivity overview is just what is needed.  Specifically, Dee will show attendees how to manage their work as “workflow” which will allow them to be more productive with less stress.

Expect to learn how to:
·         Use a simple system to capture all the “stuff” you have to do
·         ​Process your email and paper inboxes to zero every day
·         Review, prioritize, and plan your action items
·         Actually DO the work that will deliver the results you need in the new year

Part Two:
Using Outlook to Improve Productivity, facilitated by Dan Geers of New Horizons Computer Learning Center

In his best-selling book, “Good to Great” author Jim Collins endorses the use of technology to accelerate the path to greatness.  In this session Dan will introduce strategies to use Outlook technology to accelerate maximization of time utilization.  We all have the same amount of time, it all comes down to how we use it.

Expect to learn how to:
·         Manage and respond to mail faster with options, rules, and tools
·         Control your contacts with lists, maps and more
·         Use quick calendar views to find and schedule what you need
·         Tips for task management

The cost to attend is $49 for members of the Urbandale Chamber of Commerce or $69 for non-members.  Register here.  The class is on January 8, 2019 from 8:30 – 11:30 a.m. at ATW Training Solutions & New Horizons Computer Learning Center located at 4414 114th Street, Urbandale (Apollo Building).  Space is limited.