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genYP provides ygenYP kick off (21)oung professionals in and around Urbandale with unique opportunities to connect

with other emerging leaders through professional development and community outreach.  Connect, socialize, engage in the community and receive additional educational opportunities!

It is a subcommittee of the Urbandale Chamber of Commerce developed to provide educational, community service, political and social opportunities for young professionals in and around the community.

Members receive free or discounted admission into genYP events, in genYP kickoff (1)
addition to the many benefits of making solid connections and friendships throughout the Urbandale Area.  Members of genYP commit to the group annually with a membership fee of $25 per year for individuals who work for a company that is a member of the Urbandale Chamber of Commerce.  The cost is only $50 annually for those individuals who work for a company who is not a member of the Urbandale Chamber or Commerce or are seeking employment.

genYP is a great way to get involved with the community and businesses, connect, socialize, engage in Urbandale and receive professional development.

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