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Member Owners eXchange Ideas and Experience (MOXIE) and MOXIE Plus

With the assistance of Greg Thompson, Action Coach, the MOXIE group discusses sensitive issues business owners face in a confidential environment. Participation in this group is an included benefit of membership in the Urbandale Chamber of Commerce.

Trust is a critical element of MOXIE. All participants must sign a confidentiality agreement upon joining. This allows members to have the confidence to actively participate, fully engage, and problem solve together. MOXIE meets the first Wednesday of every month from 8 – 10 a.m.

See what Hiram Houghton, one of our members, has to say about his experience.

“The value and insight I have gained from the host “Greg Thompson” and from fellow business owners has been extremely valuable… I have been able to relate to a lot of these fellow owners, who through our conversations; have provided me insight as how to handle various situations, or things to consider as we grow. If you have considered attending, I would highly suggest making time to.”

Hiram Houghton – Owner    Launch IT Corp.

The Urbandale Chamber of Commerce would like to thank The Profit Zone for sponsoring MOXIE. This sponsorship makes it possible for the Urbandale Chamber to offer the program to member owners as a benefit of membership, with no additional charge. This program is a $5,000 value.