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gelhaar“I continue to be impressed year after year of this vibrant organization.   The opportunities to get connected with other businesses are endless.   The staff works diligently to create value for all members/businesses through social media initiatives, networking events, educational opportunities and advocacy efforts.  The relationships that have been built over the years have been incredibly valuable for our institution.” ~Lori Gelhaar, Kaplan University

nuetzman“The Urbandale Chamber of Commerce, and more importantly the PEOPLE associated with the Chamber – the staff, the members, etc – truly care about connecting with others and making Urbandale a better place for business and to live.” ~Matt Nuetzman, Merit Resources

bonnicksen“The Urbandale Chamber gives you the best ROI of any organization. The members mean it when they say they do business with other chamber members because they know them, like them and trust them. I am so thankful for my membership and thankful to Dave Carlson with Superior Printing and Promotions for know the importance of the belonging!” ~Susan Bonnicksen, Superior Printing and Promotions

buenzow“The Urbandale Chamber of Commerce is an outstanding organization to be involved with as a local business owner. The benefits that are provided are great. The opportunities to network with other business professionals in the area are never ending!” ~Ben Buenzow, State Farm Insurance

Jane with things on douglas“I love my Chamber! They are an important part in my store and its success. A good Chamber is the communication between business and community, networking with our city, the school systems, businesses of all kinds, and even you and me. We all share pride in our city and together we work for a better tomorrow.” ~Jane Krogh, Things on Douglas

anderson“Networking events within the Urbandale Chamber create a fun environment where friendships can turn into business relationships. Fellow Chamber members and staff learn about your business, and go the extra mile to help you connect with customers that can benefit from your services. Since joining the Chamber, I’ve seen business relationships develop with customers that we’ve never served before, and have benefited from meeting and working with local businesses that have earned our business as well. I’m excited to see how continual investment and involvement in the Urbandale Chamber can continue to grow our business at Wolin.” ~Troy Anderson, Building Solutions Representative, Wolin

Shelly Feldmann“I’ve been active in the Urbandale Chamber for several months now and the difference from other networking experiences is beyond exciting.  When you work purely from your own lead generation and prospecting, the networking scene can be daunting.  The Urbandale Chamber takes the typical networking function of unproductive time and fear of being in a room of people you don’t know and uniquely turns it into a lead generating, friendly (dare I say) FUN event!  Because of the way they cleverly structure events, I can always be assured of several things that are important to all of us in business.  They respect my time and start and finish when they say they will.  They take the guess work out of networking and use strategies that truly get you the best exposure possible in any situation.  The Connectors (members that help introduce new people) are always milling around helping those that are a little more shy feel comfortable.  I’ve done a lot of business, made friends and keep my finger on the pulse of what’s happening in Urbandale simply by keeping the commitment to myself to stay active in the Chamber. It truly is Uniquely Urbandale.” ~Shelly Feldmann, Marketing Consultant, Cumulus


“The benefits we gain from referrals, government affairs insight, advocacy, as well as networking opportunities, are worth much more than our monetary investment.” ~Michael Sadler, Assistant Vice President, CenturyLink



Clemen Wilcox“When I joined the Urbandale Chamber, I received two memberships for the price of one. Not only did I become a member of the Urbandale Chamber, but I also received a membership into the Greater Des Moines Partnership! They allow me to meet potential clients who could use my services throughout the region.” ~Clemen Wilcox, Owner, Everything Spanish