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Thank you for your interest genYP Mentorship Program. The goal of this program is to create professional development and personal growth opportunities for genYP members by connecting them with more experienced professionals in the Urbandale Chamber of Commerce. Mentors and mentees will move beyond referral-based networking and create mutually
beneficial relationships for professional success.

In order to establish a successful relationship, mentors and mentees need to be:
Willing to be responsible for their own growth and development
Receptive to feedback and coaching
Open and honest with each other
Positive, reliable and respectful

Click HERE for a 2018 mentee application, answers to frequently asked questions about the Mentorship Program, suggested activities for mentors and mentees, and tips for success throughout
the year. If at any time you have additional questions about the program or need additional support with
the mentorship process, please contact the genYP’s Professional Development Committee.