the city of urbandale iowa welcomes you

sculpture in memorial park


Area Code: 515

Zip Codes: 50322 and 50323

County: Polk and Dallas


Population: Approximately 42,449 according to a census in June 2016.

Total potential labor force: 558,392 (entire Laborshed Area)


Average winter temperature: 21.3 degrees F

Average summer temperature: 83.9 degrees F

Average rainfall: 32.1 inces

Average annual snowfall: 31.6 inches


Income Taxes:  The state of Iowa taxes, wages and compensation are subject to federal withholding.  For more information regarding rate of taxation for income, contact the Iowa Department of Revenue and Finance at 800-367-3388.

Property Taxes:  Property in Iowa is assessed every year.  There are 48 taxing districts in Polk County.  The City of Urbandale has 10 different tax rates based on the schools, Count, and sanitary sewer districts that service the area.  The taxation rate ranges from $35.06 to $40.89 within the city.  For more information regarding other tax districts, contact the Polk County Auditor’s Office at  The overall tax rate is consistently one of the lowest in Polk County.  Historically, Urbandale has had the lowest city tax level for cities in Iowa with a population of more than 6,000.

Sales Tax:  Iowa’s sales tax applies to all goods and services (except food and medicine), which are taxed at 5%.  Polk County has a 1% county-wide local option sales tax that supports school infrastructure.  The total sales tax is 6%.

Housing Market

The average monthly rent for a three-bedroom house in Urbandale is approximately $1,000.  The average monthly rent for a two-bedroom apartment is $755, and the average cost of houses sold in Urbandale in the last two years is $180,000.

Total number of households: 16,720 (2015 American Community Survey)

Average Household size: 2.5 (2015 American Community Survey)

Median household income: $78,059 (2015 American Community Survey)