the city of urbandale iowa welcomes you

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fountain smallerUrbandale’s unique mix of a traditional hometown atmosphere with a vibrant, progressive urban area gives community members a sense of excitement and an upbeat attitude about the future. The people in Urbandale value a balanced life, excellent education and spacious greenscapes. Businesses enjoy high-quality employees, plentiful land and a climate conducive to growth and profitability. Many places have those assets, but Urbandale also has a strong sense of community.  We want you to become a part of it! Volunteerism is the norm; neighborliness is expected; recreation and family-oriented activities abound around the safe, well-kept homes. We are eager to share the reasons for our significant growth with others and invite you to enjoy it, too.

Citizens and city officials foresaw growth coming to the Urbandale area, and began developing their vision for the future several years ago. They crafted a comprehensive growth plan to ensure balance among businesses, residents and government for a stable economy and to preserve our high quality of life. Some of the major endeavors undertaken in the last few years have enriched life for everyone, and made conducting a normal day’s business much more convenient. As a result, we have a lot to be proud of – and the planning for even more growth continues. We invite you to experience why our community is Uniquely Urbandale